To be a cat would be luxury.

To lay on a bed of money would be so luxurious.

To be a cat lay on a spread of money, now that would be utmost luxury.

I am neither a cat nor sleeping on a bed of money. I am a broke, too-smart-for-her-own-good, educated, driven, femina, Latinx, millenial, working to make ends meet. I’ve dealt with the turmoil of empty promises of dead end jobs where I’ve been underutilized, underestimated, underpaid, and underwhelmed, stuck pursuing my dreams in the form of hobbies, as mere side pieces, making use of the short amount of time around work schedules on any given day.

I was reminded of the following quote,


It was featured in an article that criticizes millennials for their entitlement and active choice to be lazy bums: The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes

In 2013, TIME Magazine published their headliner, “The Me Me Me Generation – Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.” Helluva tagline, I’ll say. Well played TIME. However, a lot of truth was left out of the piece – perhaps for the sake of their one sided opinion on us twenty-somethings. Did they consider that we need Baby Boomers as much as they need us? What sets us apart is that we’re (at least by comparison) graduating with higher degrees and more willing to speak up for our rights and desires.

We are the future, presently. And our future is looking pretty grim. Just a decade or two ago, folks could snag jobs they were only sort of qualified for. They were able to start careers without even having graduating, or even attending college. We, on the other hand, are damn near required to have a Bachelor’s degree and five years of experience just to land an entry level job. We’re required to have completed 7 internships, launched a world-renowned iOS app, and found the cure for cancer to even be considered for a salary position. Okay, so I might be exaggerating a bit, but you catch my drift, right?

For us, there really isn’t an elevator to success. The stairs we’re subjected to hike are insurmountable at times. We have to live with our parents to survive on the compensation we receive for the work we do. We have to kiss ass to truly awful people just to hang on to our crappy jobs. We have to sacrifice our mental health in exchange for menial validation from our employers. Millennials are subject to “side hustles”, not because we just love to hustle, but because it’s what we have to do to survive. These side hustles keep us sane. It allows musicians to keep a day job while gigging at night or on the weekends, allows artists to pay for the studio space they need to get their work done, allows entrepreneurs to employ amazing resources like Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, YouTube, to gain the following they need for success. These are the stairs we have to climb to make our dreams become reality and there ain’t no stopping us!

Luxury would be to have proper health care so that I don’t have to wait two months to see a doctor about a pressing concern.

Luxury would be to have proper dental coverage to finally get the impacted wisdom tooth that’s been causing so much trouble over the past couple of years out of my goddamned mouth.

Luxury would be to not have to decide on either filling my tank with gas or buying food to satiate my hunger because there isn’t enough money to go around for both necessities.

Luxury would be to put my degrees and expertise to proper use, rather than be at the mercy of some random impasse of a job that’s just meant to pay the bills.

This – incomprehensively – is the crap we Millennials have to put up with. So please back off of us, because we’re trying our darnedest to make it work!


via Daily Prompt: Luxury


One Reply to “Luxury”

  1. People my age tend to forget what it was like to be your age. They also did it when I was your age, so there’s that…

    People my age and older also forget that they got where they are with help from older people. On that note, I’m pretty much resigned that the small grumps will be living with me for life, because prices keep sky-rocketing and wages have stagnated. I’m also resigned to working until I am far too old, just to help my family survive, because that is the responsible thing to do, and I don’t want my kids to have to choose between rent and food as often as I did in my late teens/early twenties (always choose rent, obviously).

    Anyway, hugs, if you want them, and many many good wishes.


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