Living in Los Angeles, California, it is not unusual to be surrounded, if not immersed, in creative energy that naturally brews in this desert wasteland. It is not out of the ordinary to find yourself at museums, art deco theaters, privately owned galleries, or independently run studios. The latter is what I found myself recently, thanks to the very welcoming, down-to-Earth spirit of Robin Hercia of AWMYL.

Here is an individual who embodies the self-starter drive to a T. Robin moved to Los Angeles four years ago, from Brooklyn, New York, from Vancouver before that, and Toronto to begin with. She’s dealt with loads of awkward living situations like having a grower point a shotgun at her and having her valuables stolen by her clepto landlord. But it’s all led her to the wonderfully cozy home/studio space she’s residing in now with her super cute pup Margo – who is actually pretty old and very much deaf, still cute though!

Just look at her!

Robin keeps herself pretty busy with her design work, especially nowadays that she’s working on branding Dev Mason – the first nationally-accredited U.S.-based immersive full stack web developer training program – leaving her with half a Sunday every now and then –  maybe – to enjoy a cup of joe with friends. And then it’s back to the grind! It’s not all bad though, as this is her opportunity for even bigger opportunities. The pieces she creates, whether they’re standalone, part of series, or part of a major project like her current one, involve her conceptualization of the purpose.

Recent work of Robin’s are Elemental Cards used for meditation. She created these for a yoga instructor as part of the teaching where the five elements on the separate cards are meant to symbolize five different yoga poses all of which are components of the yoga system. The textures and colors on the cards were handmade then transferred on to a graphic design program for editing. Robin expressed keen interest in the process of bridging natural materials and technology. In doing so, she produces details in her art that simply can not be made in a computer. No matter how many plug-ins or add-ons one has installed, certain things can’t be achieved on a screen.

That’s where her roots and overall love of nature comes into play. Growing up amongst forestry and agrarian scenery, Robin tends to find a way to incorporate natural ingredients into her pieces. For example, she blended different colors to perfect the blue hue that is carried through the cards. The blue is indicative of the relaxation, otherwise meditation, that the cards are meant to arouse. The symbols just above the fingers in each card are also handmade with a number of materials to bring about the connection to the elements represented by the cards. This is a single, mere, example of Robin’s efforts. The kind of efforts that recapitulates in all of her work.

While at her studio, Robin and I discussed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – kidding. Over some wonderfully French Pressed tea leaves we talked about her upbringing, her journey to the present, and her elation of the future. I also learned about her harp playing know-how! She’s been playing harp since her tween years and is currently – when she’s got the time – taking lessons to better her pedal harp playing. So keep an eye out for her music project that’ll inevitably marry electronic tunage with acoustic harp. Yet again uniting something that is pure with something that is technological. In this day and age, you can’t have one without the other.

Photography credit MARIANA SCHULZE

Robin considers technology a tool rather than an adversary. Proven by her art and designs, she uses technology to carry out her ideas not create them.  She’d rather get down and dirty with all the materials she’ll use for any given piece, would rather employ, experiment, go through trials and errors, would rather come up with the unexpected, than have a computer do all the work for her.  She puts soul into her craft and that is what set her apart #imho.

Thanks for inviting me over to your cozy abode, Robin. Would love to be over again soon! xox




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