Who am I gonna call? The four astounding women that have blessed the world with their quirkiness. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, totally slam dunked this one despite the automatic scrutiny emanating from misogynists who boycotted the movie before they even had a chance to get a preview out.

This is typical for women in comedy. Women have to work two times harder for half the credit of any work a male comic puts out. Why people gotta be pussy haters?!

After watching the movie, my boyfriend was curious about why there was much left to be desired in terms of character development… As in, why didn’t Erin and Abby bicker some more after dealing with a fall out? How did they manage to get back together so naturally, almost effortlessly? That kind of stuff doesn’t happen #IRL. My immediate rationale for this is that as female actors, comics, artists, they had to be very carefully when unfolding the friendship dynamic between these two main characters and beyond to the rest of the cast.

We got a bit of an understanding of the characters in as much as Wiig’s was the educated, neat, stubborn, and somewhat bashful of the group (especially around Hemsworth’s character, Kevin). So cute! McCarthy’s character as the the sort of boisterous and fearless one. McKinnon as the total weirdo that made her smarts twork. And Jones as the super friendly and sassy one who was always down to help her club. However, the characteristics were overarching and intersectional. The characters weren’t completely isolated in their behaviors.

Thing is… people didn’t go watch Ghostbusters to engage in a case of the feels or learn about these women. Rather, this Ghostbusters is a total reboot of the 1984 OG that had men in the forefront and a little lady as their secretary. Those were some fully functional, totally conventional gender roles. UNTIL NOW!! It was so fun to see the roles reversed. Chris Hemsworth rocked his ditsy bit. I digress.
What I meant to point out is that these women had to be extra careful not to be too girly in their roles as Ghostbusters, otherwise it would’ve turned chick-flick real quick. Audiences weren’t going to watch Ghostbusters with the hopes that they’ll get to experience some hearty girly friendship building (that’s what Mean Girls was for). No, people wanted their action packed reboot, so that’s just what they got – and then some! They had to keep in mind all the judgement they were bound to face due to the irreparable disease of being born women.
Things are changing, yes they are. And it’s awesome! But it’s also a slow – very slow – progress. Paul Feig is a great example of a feminist. He’s an ally and is proving so by putting appreciably talented women in leading roles. He’s using his entertainment industry clout to support women in the biz. Here’s to hoping that this trend will continue and broaden to include other minorities like POCs and PWDs (People of Color and People With Disabilities, just in case).
Now, allow me to fan girl for just a small moment. Kate McKinnon SLAYYYYED as Holtmann! I couldn’t stop thinking of her Bieber, Degeneres, and Clinton bits. For someone who can be so dynamic, McKinnon’s character seemed to be the most authentic and effortless of the bunch.
All in all, a super empowering, fun flick!


8 Replies to “Ghostbusters”

    1. You’re probably gonna be grumpy with me for what’s to come:
      Patty, Jones’ character leaves much to be desired when considering the character’s versatility across audiences. In other words, Jones got to play an angry, sassy, Black woman, which only perpetuates so many stereotypes.


      1. I haven’t seen the movie, yet, but I am tired of the cliched black woman all up in your bizness, or whatever the young people say these days. That’s more on the writers than the actor, IMHO, though, as there just don’t seem to be many good roles for women in general, and fewer for WOC specifically.

        No, this was a shitstew of racist misogyny that chased her off Twitter, rather than a comment about her character being cliched. It was horrifying.


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