Neither hunger nor thirst would be an issue in exchange for the indelibly satisfying sensation of having all eyes on me while I do what I do best. A feast.




Damn, what exhilaration. To feel the music jolt below my feet, feel the music vibrate off the fabric of my outfit, feel the air of the room steaming with the sound of every note. The microphone is my partner and together we make art and draw reactions from listeners.

What could be better?

Oh, right, when the audience sings along. I damn near cry when that happens as the music, the voice grow loud with enthusiasm.My best memory goes back to when I sang for over 2,000 people at the Indonesian Diaspora of 2013. Bengawan Solo, one  of the most popular songs of Indonesia brought everyone together. It was time for my verse but that turned into everyone’s verse. It was magical. I took flight.

I miss performing so much!

Dona Nobis Pacem  


Performances heard at soundcloud.com/angelamontijo 💃🏻 #boogie


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