Tomorrow, JUNE 7, 2016, is a big day! 

Please fulfill your civic duty – get to your designated polling site and do the right thing! I certainly hope you can understand my implication here as I’m a die hard Latinx, born’n’raised Angeleno, and we all know California is very much Bernie-centric <3.

We – this grand nation collectively – are in the midst of an incredibly interesting, extraordinarily controversial election period. Utter madness is spewing from the mouth of Donald Trump and it’s very scary to see how yugely supported his ideals and motives are across the board. Watching how absolutely cray his rallies get is truly terrifying. Total puppeteered oration is emoted by Hillary Clinton on behalf of her precious superdelegate guardians. Being a female isn’t enough to get my vote #sorrynotsorry. And that doesn’t make me an “anti-feminist”, no. Rather, choosy. I prefer a candidate who actually give a shit about my generation, my people, my government. A candidate with a valuable track record. A candidate who represents the issues I deeply care about and has done so, wholeheartedly for decades now.

Which brings me to Bernie Sanders #2016. The dude to believe in. The dude who’s jumped leaps and bounds to make it this far in the election. The dude who’s been widely, severely ignored by the media. The dude who’s ignited a polo oak movement, especially among young voters. The dude who’s encouraged critical thoughts and informed debate-like dialogue among peers. 

Donald Trump himself has acknowledged what a contender Bernie Sanders truly is; a main reason that the proposed debate fell through – bbyHandsTrump didn’t want to get ROASTED! Bernie would seriously stand a chance against Trump. Clinton, not so much. 

A major obstacle in Bernie’s way, how ever, is the deciding vote of the Superdelegates who’re – and have been – very loyal to Clinton. These Superdelegages are robbing Americans of the bedrock of our democracy, “one person = one vote” and these individuals are carrying Clinton through the race. Why? Probably because the disestablishmentarian stance that Bernie is headstrong on poses a major threat to these aforementioned Supers. But ain’t no Superdelegates (or lackthereof) gonna rain on Bernie’s parade!

I digress.

As a fellow American (though truly cruxed by identity crisis), I plead that you get out to vote tomorrow. Be a part of something bigger, a revolution! 



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