The purpose of EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) is to:

“eliminate discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and age, in all terms and conditions of employment.”

The purpose of EEOC is to protect a worker’s right to work without the plight of discrimination and entitles a worker to thorough investigation when the suspicion of such inequality arises and henceforth a lawsuit when such hints have been affirmed.

The PURPOSE of EEOC is to defend the opportunity of employment for employees and applicants being discriminated against due to any sort of disability be it physical, mental, social, etc.

discrimination.jpgThis purpose is utterly violated at my workplace. And it is utterly infuriating. In the midst of a company to company transition, one employee was left behind, jobless. She’d worked at the annexed location for 14 years. Now, at 71, is left without a job, without an explanation, without proper documentation for unemployment compensation, without answers.

She’s called our office time and time and time and time again since the initial mention of the merger back in early May. She filled out all the paperwork employees normally would. She created an online account with the company to finish up more paperwork. She took the necessary drug test and physical exam. She attended the new-hire orientation (to which she was not invited). She showed up to opening day, ready for work. All to get her message across: she deserves her job because she’s been at the same location for so long and if she wasn’t going to be hired, she wouldn’t leave the thing alone until someone, anyone helped her out!

I empathize with her. She came into the office today with her son. Both of which just trying the damnedest to get some clarity once and for all. She knows her rights. Her son knows even more than her. It was fitting for him to threaten to sue the company. And that’s when someone finally gave the situation the attention it needed.

This isn’t the only case of discrimination… There’s a certain location of the company that strictly (but not overtly) hires blonde haired, bright eyed, slender, white youngsters. That’s literally the description from the manager requesting new hires. This is fucking Los Angeles, not 1940s Germany!

The purpose of this is to stay focused and do what I can to set things right. Everyone has the right to work. It is absolutely inappropriate for this company to include EEOC dockets in every employee manual, and yet they aren’t compliant with the law.


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