Pickle in my Nuvaring

This cartoon girl, she’s appealing, right? Her hair, it’s interesting, right? Girls would totally pay for that ‘do, right? All chicks can ever focus on is hair, right?!

Certainly not!

While NuvaRing has been my go-to choice in hormone-releasing birth control for the past five years and counting, I can’t help but feel pretty #lit about this photo series from the company’s most recent ad campaign.

Okay, let’s address the obvious first. That’s easy and simple. I speak for myself when I acknowledge that some of my thought processes involve daydreaming, fashion, my boyfriend, sippin’ on overly sweetened coffee, adorable chubby pets, dieting, etc. It’s what I’ve been trained to do as a heterosexual woman residing in a first world society. Glad to get that out of the way before I’m accused of being a hypocritical hag.

Nevertheless, those are not the only topics busying my mind at any given moment. Right meow, for example, I’m trippin’ about why the hell the sun isn’t shining on this Los Angeles June 1st, I’m stressed about grad school applications, worried about why my car insurance autopay didn’t work, blahblahblah. My point is that women don’t only think about frilly shit. Sure, it’s there, but not solely. Not even the Kardashian’s are that way! And maybe that’s not what the marketing team intended to convey but it’s hard to see past the benefit of the doubt.

How is it that throughout all six photos this figurative woman is portrayed among girly thoughts? I assume she’s meant to represent their consumer but that woman doesn’t represent me, an actual consumer. That’s not to say that I demand an ad campaign all of my own (though I wouldn’t turn down such an opportunity, obvs), but this woman is not nearly an accurate depiction of women and womanhood.

I do get what they’re gettin at… by using NuvaRing, women (the consumer) will have more time to focus on things they love, or otherwise obsess over, rather than the annoying worries of pregnancy. Cool.

But that doesn’t diminish how deeply problematic this ad campaign is. One can only hope they’ll make better choices in the future. Maybe even boot the root of this dumb idea off the team and go back to something along the lines of their first commercial with the empowered synchronize swimmers singing their catchy song about the days of the week. Now that’s a more agreeable ad!


2 Replies to “Pickle in my Nuvaring”

  1. Completely agree! I found this to be a really good example of how feminism is overlooked in everyday examples and that change still needs to happen, the battle is not yet won. Who are a company to say what is ‘girly’ and what women think about…?


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