Is Blood Really Thicker than Water?

Derekversuslonelyplanet is absolutely right.
The answer is no.

Today, I had to teach my kindies about the family tree; family member titles, the construction of the family tree, and the general significance of family.

To save face I made up a family. A happy go luck family that loved me more than anything and the same would be reciprocated. It was either that, or have to go through the trouble [and the scrutiny to follow] to explaining just how convoluted my family ties are.

“HEY KIDS, get this!
I’m pretty much an orphan.
My father rejected me upon birth.
My fathers children scoff at my existence.
My mothers children resent me for, I don’t really know…
And, my mother hasn’t spoken to me in several months.
Kids, I don’t have a family.”

They’d go, “TEACHA WHAA?!” “WAAAIIIII?!”

The best explanation: alguno nacen con la estrella, y otros nacen estrellados. To translate with another cliche saying: some people are destined for greatness while others are simply not.

I’ve concluded and accepted the latter.

So, no, water is certainly not thicker than water because I have encountered some of the most influential and life changing individuals on my journey to securing adulthood. None of them, not a single one of them, shared my DNA. Even still, I love these people, more than I’d ever love any family of mine.


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