This Kitty Went to The Philippines

This little kitty went to the market (and bought mangoes)
This little kitty stayed home (hostel during the typhoon)
This little kitty had roast beef (actually, it was grilled crocodile)
This little kitty had none (weed, that is)
And this little kitty cried wee wee wee all the way home (totally valid because my phone was royally ruined)

My trip to The Philippines turned out to be expensive but completely worthwhile. It was warm, tropical, delicious, relaxing, exciting, and full of firsts. I got to ride around in trikes, see gorgeous farm animals roam freely in the countryside, eat stupendous Filipino food, get sunburned, get drunk, and experience a little piece of the world.

A first impression is a lasting one, and The Philippines definitely left an indelible mark on my humble opinion. The people were happy. They spoke English. Everything was cheap.

I’ll definitely go back some day. Maybe Monday. Maybe not. I plan to go backpacking when my contract is up. Palawan will be one of my stops ❤


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