On Being Selfish

Angela wants what she wants when she wants it.
She wants friends at specific times in specific situations.
She wants a loving family for the support but hold the intrusion.
She wants a lover who is always available and willing to accept her, keep her warm in the winter, but give her the space to fly freely.
She wants a job that doesn’t exceed 6 hours a day but pays as much, if not more, than a full-time gig plus double time.
She wants to be the center of everyone’s attention without calling too much attention to herself.
She wants people to reach out to her without putting in the effort to do so in return.
She wants to have the swagger and seductiveness that makes every guy want to marry her and every girl want to best friend her.
She wants to leave the taste of being the one who got away, the apple of people’s eyes.
She wants to be the adventurous type. Well traveled, well read, well dressed, well versed in culture and culinary breadth.
She wants to ooze cool to be perceived as unattainable but when people take a chance they find out she’s actually the chillest, downest girl they know.
She wants all this and much more, wants it to be waiting at her doorstep in the morning.
She wants control. As say in all that happens to her.
She wants it all.
What she wants is a dream.


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