“solitude is truth”

Or so she says.
This girl, years older than me. This girl who doesn’t know a damn thing about what it means to be happy.
“relationships are an illusion”
Or so she says.
This girl who drowns herself in unadultered pessimism, alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. This girl who sticks her nose up at everyone and everything. Considering herself best among all others. A girl who has permanently pursed lips and wears a mask of makeup.
She thinks she knows how to properly advise me about a “love life”, but I’d never accept any of her words as valid. Because
This girl, she leads a false reality as a means of just getting by.
She can’t spend a night out without getting piss ass drunk and domineering every conversation with her never ending fiending for death.
This girl is not my friend.
This girl, I am stuck with, while on vacation. Stuck with her, in such a beautiful, joyous place. She sucks the life out of everything.


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